Friday, June 21, 2013's Cafe!

...or, how I learned to keep it simple, turkey. Oh my god, guys, look at this. Just look at it.

What do you mean you don't care? Okay, whatever, maybe it doesn't look like much through the electric viewing box but if you're ever going to trust one thing I say, it is this - these are the best fried pickles there are. In Myrtle Beach? Good. Go to Lulu's Cafe on Ocean Boulevard and 19th Avenue North right now and eat these things (Warning: You will have to pay for them afterward. Don't be surprised. This ain't Star Trek.)

You're not in Myrtle Beach? You're not in SOUTH CAROLINA?! What is wrong with you man? Look, there are planes, dude. There's no excuse anymore. WE HAVE AN AIRPORT.

Lulu's Cafe
1903 North Ocean Boulevard
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


  1. I Love LuLu's but this is probably the most inane....(not sure what to call it) review I have ever read.

  2. We here at Eating Myrtle Beach take all feedback, both positive and negative, very seriously. So thanks!

  3. The last time we went before this, I had the Lulu's Grilled Cheese Sandwich: sun dried tomatoes and pesto! It was perfect, and also one of my favorite flavor combinations. We, of course, had fried pickles that time as well. We have not had their breakfast yet, but we have heard it is just as satisfying, if not MORE delicious.

    Lulu's is set up with a 50's diner atmosphere in mind, creating a comfortable setting to enjoy with already comforting food. They usually have a milkshake of the month; this month is Birthday Cake.

    I have heard rumors of a voucher in one of the many Myrtle Beach coupon books for a free Lulu's t-shirt with a purchase of $20 or more. My suggestion? The one with a smiley face composed of eggs and bacon. :)